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How much is your idea?

walked past the counter with mayonnaise you come up with a new package design, which allows to squeeze every last drop? During the regular hours of grueling trip to the resort on your own vehicle, you came up with a fleeting thought about a new way of driving? You do not like the existing functional email services and you are sure that some changes will significantly better meet the needs of users? You came up with a new device that ...

as part of many of us, not unreasonably classify themselves as active and thinking part of mankind, caught myself thinking that here it is - a real idea that can bring, if not world-wide fame, but at least a couple of million of money, so much needed in everyday life. Certainly at this point, many were convinced that only need to find someone who is willing to buy the idea, and all: it is - in a hat and money - in the bank, the children - at Oxford.

But few at this point grab the pen/pencil/keyboard to catch the idea and carry out World speculative in the real world. And it is quite a few supplement are ideas concrete steps to put it into a commercial project. These, the latter constitute the bulwark of successful development of all mankind, the engine of progress and hope for the world economy, it is hard recovering from atypical pneumonia financial. Because, contrary to popular belief that ideas move the world, on their own they are not worth anything.

Reasons zero commercial value of the idea lies in its ephemeral nature, the proximity to the philosophical categories of thought (try to offer someone Buy the thoughts that swirl in your head at any given moment, and you will understand what I mean).

1) The idea is devoid of anything but itself, so as soon as you tell potential buyers about your idea, you actually give it for free .

Most of the ideas in the air, and even if the presentation of your idea is possible without full disclosure of its nature, it is still indicating the direction of thought and research issues, you are likely to specify the solution itself.

If you show excessive secrecy, you will certainly cause suspicion on the part of a potential "buyer". Put yourself in the place of those who have money and think, are you willing to spend to buy a "pig in a poke", which may not be the cat at all.

2) is impossible to assess the effect of the commercial implementation of the idea, making it difficult to assess.

As long as you are not going to sell the idea of the left and right " for 5 cents apiece, "or you become a consultant, selling not only the idea of how a professional approach to the problem, you will have to assess the economic potential demand from implementing your ideas - as a specific evaluation, with reference to the performance of the real world. Without a high degree of elaboration as the advantages and disadvantages of your idea, you risk to join the ranks of inventors "perpetual motion", which came up with something so revolutionary that the world is not yet ready to accept it.

3) interested buyers you can only demonstrate a real embodiment of your ideas, because the words do not always have necessary credibility. And this is meant to go beyond the idea, translating it to a new level of "evolution" of thought.

4) It is impossible to fully protect the legal rights to the idea. Even with a well-developed system of patent protection there is always the opportunity to make someone else's idea of a kind of completion and it will announce the results as their own achievement. Litigation can drag on for years and cost a fortune, with the result that they are often quite difficult to predict.

One could go on this list, but the main thing is to be clear - you can not sell the idea to transform it into something more researched and thought out, confirmed the samples and test results, supported by experience of the author or his team. The more often this study does not require much effort, financial and material resources, but only a mental strain, and business thinking the author (or authors) ideas.

should be noted that there is a specified set of criteria to determine the category of "investment project" and it often leads to that, under the name "investment project" serves not only worked, but frankly the raw ideas that are so far removed from the definition of "investment project", how far from the medieval knight of space travel and primitive hunter respectively.

To avoid terminological raznotolkov, then I will use the term "investment idea" to determine the ideas and are selling or attract investors/partners. In this case, I understand that "investment project" - is the next step in the development of investment ideas, which requires a much higher level of study and training, and a comprehensive approach, detailed planning and experimental implementation.

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