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Business Incubator

What is a "Business Incubator"?
Business Incubatora structure specializing in the creation of favorable conditions for the emergence of an effective and innovative activities of small (VC) firms, realizing original scientific and technical ideas.


Business Angels vs venture capitalists

What type of investor is required for your project?
Business Angels vs venture capitalistsDespite the fact that in general, the role and the basic functions of business angels and venture capitalists are very similar, yet there are some key differences that are important to know the budding entrepreneurs


How much is your idea?

How to determine the investment value of your idea?
How much is your idea?Ideas are priceless, because it is the ideas are the foundation of a successful business, create preconditions for the creation of a quality product or service, provide relentless forward movement of humanity - to a brighter future.


And again about the business plan

Why do I need a business plan?
And again about the business planBusiness plan - a plan of the program business operations, company actions, containing information about the company, product, its production, markets, marketing, operations, organization and efficiency.


Want to create a successful startup?

IT Launchpad Business Incubator is a private initiative, designed to provide full range of resources and support to Ukrainian projects in the area of information technology.

Our main task is to increase the success rate of IT-projects via application of our experience and knowledge in various fields of business, as well as financial and other resources.

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