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altera.tv - TVoe online TVidenie

Altera.tv - a start-up project , implemented with the support of the business incubator IT Launchpad.

Altera.tv - is an alternative distribution network for intelligent video content , which today is often ignored traditional television and is not able to break into the top rankings of video sharing sites .

Materials on altera.tv may be either direct translations or videos. In this case, all the materials are organized by thematic channels and programs .

project altera.tv - channel for all those who are willing and able to create a professional TV shows ( writers, directors , camera operators, leading , etc. ), as well as those who just learning all the tricks of television magic, but who already have some interesting ideas and a desire to implement them in the form of their own programs .

tenderino.com.ua - meeting customers and providers

Service « Tenderino » , created with the sole purpose - to contribute to cooperate well with the executor of the customer , providing an advantage for either side .

main advantages for customers is the ability to save money when making payments , as well as the opportunity to study in detail the artist and his work before you begin to cooperate with him .

In turn, artists are able to advertise their services directly to the customer concerned , competing on an equal footing with the others, as well as pre- negotiate the terms of providing services to the customer .

simplinar.com - webinars is just !

service for webinars (On Line - seminars ).

webinar audience not just heed what he says and shows the speaker, but may ask questions orally or in writing, directly along the way , as if they were physically present in the room where the event is held .

Developed by HT Group.

radugaimages.com - Image Bank

Photoblog «RADUGAImiges» - Bank of photographs, illustrations and three-dimensional models, whose work is based on the principle of "royalty free" - the license under which the submissions on the site may be sold unlimited times.

HT Group A and different from those prevailing in the market, increased functionality, ease of use, light and easy to use interface, more loyal relationships with authors and customers.

uwc.org.ua - first Ukrainian championship in web development

Ukrainian Web Challenge - Ukraine's first championship in web development, whose main objective is to help the best young professionals and advanced IT companies to find each other.

main feature of Ukrainian Web Challenge - the participants, in addition to prizes and competitions of the highest level, will receive the most basic - a great chance for an outstanding career in the field of IT-development, while IT-companies will have the right professionals themselves.

Artes.in.ua - Art in Ukraine

site Artes.in.ua - is:

  • information about everything that might be interesting person, not indifferent to art.
  • art museums, galleries Ukrainian regions with address, phone numbers, driving directions (for Kiev), websites, e-mail and more.
  • latest news from the world art.

also posted on the site up to date information about main trends in the different kinds of art, the known and young artists, their works and achievements.

Compex.com.ua - Computer Service Center

Service Center " Computer experts " offers corporate and private clients with a wide range of services for computer and office equipment, including:

  • Subscriber and complex service computers and local networks of small and medium-sized offices
  • Flowers ordering for individuals and companies
  • Create Computer and Network ifrastruktury offices "turn-key"
  • Advanced Laptop Repair and PC component
  • Redemption and upgrading technology
  • The range of services for individuals people
igorgubskiy.com - Artist's website Gubskiy II

Personal site of a famous artist Kiev Igor Ivanovich Gubskiy: about the artist, the work for the period from 1993 to 2010, exhibitions, publications.

Website igorgubskiy.com - one of the elements of the project promoting creativity and the promotion of sales of his works.

Shop Biomax.com. ua

Company «BIO-MAX EUROPE» is the exclusive representative of Biotivia LLC (USA) and offers to Ukrainian consumers of bio-supplements based on the unique natural extract "Resveratrol ".



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