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Business Incubator

What is a "Business Incubator"?

Business Incubator is an organization, specializing in the creation of favorable conditions for the emergence and effective operations of small (venture) firms, realizing original scientific and technical ideas. It is to support their operations in the most fragile stage.


Business Angels
vs Venture Capitalists

What kind of investor is required for your project?

Despite the fact that, in general, the role and the basic functions of business angels and venture capitalists are very similar, yet there are some key differences that are important to know for entrepreneurs to select the proper type of investment partner.


What is the price for an idea?

How to determine the investment value of your idea?

Ideas are the foundation of any successful business, they ground the base for the creation of a quality product or service, they provide progress for the humanity. Therefore many would argue that ideas are priceless. But are they?


  • Purpose and objectives


    Developing projects and initiatives in the area of information technology, oriented at profit and/or addressing current social issues.


    1. Creating a forum for effective discussion of projects and exchange of ideas
    2. Providing basic financial, analytical and prerequisites for successful implementation of projects
    3. Organizational, administrative and financial management and other support for projects
    Selecting projects
    1. Submission of information about the project / idea
    2. Primary selection of idea / project
    3. Preparation of analytical presentation of idea / project
    4. Expert Council meeting on whether to investigate the proposed project
    5. Signing Preliminary Contract and Non-Disclosure Agreements with all participants of the investment project
    6. Development of Business Plan and Budget for the initial stage of the investment project
    7. Consideration of the investment project by the Expert Council and its approval / request for improval
  • Project selection criteria

    If you worked with us before, you know that we are ready to consider entering into an investment project at any stage of its implementation - beginning with the stage of a "general idea" to the stage of "promotion and commissioning." The key condition for joining the project for us is to understand that our participation in the project will significantly improve its chances for success, and therefore the value of the investment.

    Aiming to be as flexible as possible in selecting projects, we do not set strict criteria, but rather apply general guidances for such indicators as the type of project, the time required for the main stages of the project, investments required for the first stage, total investments in the project, etc. More

    The project team

    Liberality in selecting projects also means that we are ready to work with any initial project team. At the same time, we recognize the important role of the project team in its successful functioning, and therefore we consider various options for the distribution of shares in the project, including those that take into account the impact of each individual's initiative and teamwork and reward it accordingly.

    When creating the initial project team, one should take into account the fact that preference is still given to teams that contain technicians, who are, independently or with some help, capable of implementing the basic functionality of a project. More

  • Resources and curators

    Our business incubator is aimed at providing for all the needs of the project as stipulated in its approved business plan, with no additional financial burden on the initial project team (except for cases of joint investing).

    To ensure effective communication between all project participants, as well as to provide operational management of the project and control the availability of resources, each project is assigned to a curator - an employee of the business incubator or an external expert.

    Working with investors

    We do not offer you to present the project to the mythical "Investor Council", as many would do. Simply because every investor normally has his own preferences, therefore he or she evaluates projects with bias.

    Instead, we work with each individual investors either in the "pool" (accumulating investors' funds in a single account with the subsequent distribution between the projects according to the recommendations of our management) or in individual mode (selecting projects to meet the personal preferences of a specific investor).


Want to create a successful startup?

IT Launchpad Business Incubator is a private initiative, designed to provide full range of resources and support to Ukrainian projects in the area of information technology.

Our main task is to increase the success rate of IT-projects via application of our experience and knowledge in various fields of business, as well as financial and other resources.

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